Musical Chairs: Eric Stein Duo

With a wealth of live music being played in and around Media, Patch will highlight its local talent.

With a wealth of live music being played in and around Media, Patch will highlight its local talent in the feature Musical Chairs. own councilman Eric Stein, who inherited his love of jazz from his father, is feature in this Musical Chairs.


Band Name: The Eric Stein Duo/Trio, Jazztech.com

Band Members/Instruments: Eric Stein (piano, sax), Lou Gagliardi (guitar), Joel Kunreuther (guitar), Rick Morganstern (piano)

Year Created: Stein has been playing music since he was in school, but started playing gigs around 1995.

Hometown: Media


What brought the group together?

Stein met Gagliardi, his most frequent musical partner, at the Baligo Inn in Conshohocken many years ago. Stein was learning to play the sax and Gagliardi was already playing at the Baligo. Over the following years, they started teaming up for shows.

Where was the first place you played?

The Baligo Inn

What's your favorite place you played?

Around 2007, Stein put together a group of musicians to play for the Academy of Management at the Philadelphia Convention Center, including one of his saxophone mentors, Tony Miceli.

What's the best part of playing in a band?

"The unexpected—you don't know exactly how the texture and the nuances of the tune will evolve until you get in sync, in flow," Stein says.

What's your favorite song to play?

"Beautiful Love" by Victor Young

What's your all-time favorite band (other than you)?

Miles Davis' quintet (performed on the "Kind of Blue" album), Bill Evans Trio, Hank Mobley Quartet

Have you ever played for/with any celebrities?

No, but Stein's father, Lou Stein, was a well-known jazz pianist who played with some of the greats like Charlie Parker.

What's Your Greatest On-Stage Moment?

Stein played with some musicians as an opening act for a singer/songwriter festival at the World Café in Philadelphia.

What band or musician would you most like to meet right now?

Keith Jarrett, jazz pianist



If you know of a band or musician who you would like to see featured, tell us in the comments section below or email courtney.elko@patch.com.



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