Ridley Creek State Park—A Danger to your Family

Ridley Creek State Park as become a real danger. A threat to children and families and individuals.

Ridley Creek State Park is a wonderful sanctuary. There is no doubt about that. A place of peace and beauty. A haven from the racy world. How could such a wonderful place have an evil side? A side waiting quietly to reveal itself.

Over many years I have had the opportunity to watch the park grow. Much has changed and most of that is the number of people using it.  It is a good thing that people have a place like the park and I often think about what it would be like without it. The Multi Use Trail is a real gem for all. This is the road that has been set aside for foot traffic and bikes.  It also allows some motor vehicle traffic for people living in the park as well as official park business.

I would first like to say that I have seen many close calls in the park on this trail when people have almost been struck down.  I have seen small children enjoying the road with blissful parents encouraging their baby's early steps.  I have seen cars going to fast along with bikes.  I have seen dangerous situations often.  Nobody seems to care at all.

Bikes are a major danger and they constantly violate the speed limit even though they are subject to it.  The speed limit is 15MPH and people on their bikes just race through on this road.  There are young kids, older folks and all kinds of people using the road and they should be able to be safe.

I am telling you that there is a tragedy coming and it will be a sad thing when it comes to pass. Things must be changed.

As far as motor vehicles—this is a bad situation as well. A good many people that have the legal authority to use the road negotiate it in a safe manner. That is true. But the fact is that there are a good many times when I see motor vehicles going too fast and putting people at risk. Even the speed of 15MPH is too fast in many places. The reality is that you do not have the right to go that fast if the conditions do not support it and many times they do not.  All it takes is the moment when things fall together and a family is screaming over the lifeless body of their young child.

The bikes are a major danger and this is in inexcusable situation with these people racing along thinking they are in control. I am telling you that if this situation is not changed it will be a horrible tragedy. It can be stopped. It must be stopped.  How many people have been hurt in the park already?  I don't know that.  But it does not matter because the truth is that if things are allowed to continue something terrible is going to happen.  I feel it and I see it all coming together based on my observations and deductions.

So things must be changed. Speed limits must be enforced on both motor vehicles and bikes. My impression is that the 15 MPH sped limit is too fast and should come down. A school zone is 15 MPH but people are not walking openly in the road. A road with significant pedestrian traffic and blind corners like the multi use trail must be lower than 15 MPH. That is simple logic. Simple common sense.

Also the parking situation down at the Sycamore Mills area is a real danger.  Families parking outside the park and walking the roads to get to the multi use trail.  People blissfully walk with no sidewalk.  Between one parking spot and the entrance the speed limit is 40 MPH and that is insane!  People walk right in that road.  Cars are directed to not park on the pavement but they ignore it causing a hazard to vehicles driving on Ridley Creek Road.

So this is a very bad situation.  A situation that will end in tragedy. It all must be changed.  Every time I see a happy young family with their children walking the trail, I worry.  I worry because at another moment I see a bike or a car going too fast.  All that has to happen is that the two events need to alter their time sequence in reality and this event horizon becomes manifest.  Purely from a physical perspective everyone should be able to add up the equation and see what the reality is.  But you know human ego is big.  Self importance rules human beings.  People will defend their desire to ride fast.  To have a good time.  They will convince themselves and others that they are in control.  It is all untrue.

Lastly, I want you to look at this situation rationally and objectively.  You will see that if you add up the equation that things must change and change now.  But I also have to warn you from another perspective.  From a spiritual one.  Some will understand and some will be perplexed.  I and my friends of the same cloth know that there are nature spirits that move in that park and do so very strongly.  The park has a resonance that most will not understand.  Things have gotten out of hand.  People are being far from respectful of the park and in the unseen there are equations as well as the physical.  There are spiritual, astrological and intuitive reasons besides the obvious empirical ones as to why a tragedy will happen if things are not rectified in terms of the road dynamics.

So please fix this situation in the park.  It is critical that you do.  If you don't then the equation will come to pass.  You can divert what is at present a very dangerous situation.  The last thing I want to see is a dead child on the Muli Use trail with parents standing over her in tears.  The good news is that you can prevent the situation IF you act and don't just ponder what I say.

You have just been warned physically and spiritually that people are in danger.  Quell your childish egos and do the right thing.  You have no right to endanger folks with your bike or car.  Please don't be a conduit for something you will regret if it is under your hands. 

Change Ridley Creek Park now.


Bob Hanes


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Jerry M. Gonzales October 29, 2012 at 12:39 PM
We have history waiting to repeat itself. There was a serious injury from a bike versus pedestrian back in the 80's. That lead to the 15 mph speed limit that we have now. I am a cyclist and frequently take a pass through the park. I respect that speed limit, and often go slower because of traffic. As a cyclist, I would applaud and support efforts to slow down the too fast and reckless ones.


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