Granite Run Mall: What Do You Want to See?

See some of your neighbor's opinions here and then tells what you think.

(Credit: Courtney Elko)
(Credit: Courtney Elko)
What would you like to see at the Granite Run Mall, which is currently for sale however not closing.

The 57-acre property, solely owned, includes the mall, Acme, Kohl's, Sears Auto, AMC movie theater, and the strip of stores and restaurants along Baltimore Pike in front of the movie theater. Riddle Ale House and McDonald's are not part of the property.

Rockwood Real Estate Advisors, a New York-based firm, has been retained to seek qualified investors to acquire "free and clear" a 100 percent interest in the mall, which was built in 1974 and renovated in 1993, according to Rockwood website.

The mall property was last assessed at $47,250,000 million, according to Delaware County real estate documents, which is more than $4.1 million less than the nearby Springfield Mall despite the Granite Run acreage being more than double in size.

Would you like to see the mall remain, but see updated stores, restaurants or businesses inside? Or are malls outdated as a whole and is it time for something completely new on the property?

We put out the question on Facebook and many of you had an opinion. See some of your neighbor's opinions here and then add your own to the comments section below.

Danielle Rochon Lockyer says she wants the same type of stores that are at the King of Prussia Mall.

Sweet Pea says the Dinosaurium (which left the mall in December 2012) was a good start but the mall needs activities to draw the youth, like a bowling alley, food court or stage for performances.

William Hogan suggests a sports arena.

Steve Brodovicz says Brinton Lake, further down Route 1, is a good example of what works well, with medical and professional services to help with rent and a more-outdoor mall.

James Padusis suggests also adding an elevated crosswalk to go over Route 1.  

william conville June 28, 2013 at 11:06 AM
The Granite Run Mall is now poised to make a critical decision that will impact the mall and the region for years to come. Should it be a single minded focused retail mecca for shoppers, or will it be transformed into an alternate use for sports or health care or will they make the responsible and proper choice by offering all of us in the region a rebirth of convenient retail shopping combined with vibrant cultural activities including a spacious indoor stage and theatre to perform year round opera, ballet, drama, symphony concerts, chamber concerts, comedies, musicals, choral music and more. No other corporate location has such superb spacious friendly parking plus spacious indoor facilities to serve both the needs of retail consumers and a broad spectrum of much needed cultural activities. Where else could our regional families, students, schools, corporate employees gather and enjoy pre-and post theater or concert dining with the option to shop. The Kennedy Center in Washington DC, for example, has superb cultural offerings and the entire facility is honey combed with dining options and shopping opportunities. Can this happen right here in Delaware County ? The answer is a simple YES!. It simply needs the vision and leadership of the management of the mall to make it happen. A YES vote by their board would bring a cultural renaissance to Delaware County and make the Granite Run Mall the cultural centerpiece for the Delco Arts and for a pleasant shopping experience. Let's hope they make the right decision for all of us and upgrade the mall to a ''go to'' location for a broad spectrum of commercial and cultural activities and in so doing make a major contribution to the social and cultural fabric of our many communities. Bill Conville
Josie Singer June 28, 2013 at 12:55 PM
I highly agree with Mr. Conville's comment about the opportunity that exists with the usage of space at the Granite Run Mall. Granite Run has the space and location that could provide a revitalization to not just the mall, but the area as well. The community base needs a dependable, upscale, multi-use facility that will be attractive to families, young professionals, and seniors. A combination of retail, fine dining, and cultural activity is the answer provided to many cities and towns throughout the Northeast region of the U.S. Hope Granite Run will take the initiative. JS
Mary G. June 28, 2013 at 01:35 PM
It would be great to have a Movie Tavern or the movie theater as part of the mall itself. The current theater is so dated and my last choice of place to see a movie. Some good restaurants would help as well. There are too many fast food type places in Middletown, it would be nice to have some decent food choices there. I would also love to see a bigger Books A Million store in the area and it seems the mall would be a good location. Variety is key. When I go there now it's always with one destination in mind as there is really no reason to actually wander the mall. They need something that will keep people there for a while, rather than a place that you just pop into to go to one store and leave. With a karate school & ballet school I would think having more places for parents to go to while they wait for their kids would create a good opportunity.
Mike M June 28, 2013 at 05:46 PM
I'd agree with Bill and Josie. I still shop at that mall upon occasion, but I don't always care for the clientele roaming the premises. I think some higher end cultural activities would be a joy to attend and drive out a lot of the element that would keep a lot of folks away.
Meghan F June 30, 2013 at 11:04 AM
I live close to the granite run mall, and I will go there every so often. I'd rather drive to Springfield b/c they have more selections. And i drove to KOP mall this week too. I do agree that GRM should have more 'activity' type stores. Maybe they can do an glow mini golf or lazer tag location. I like the food court idea that was mentioned. I dislike how a lot of the restaurants are scattered. Maybe they can build a skate park or something (i'm not sure where the nearest one is) for the teens.
Lisa Hernandez July 01, 2013 at 10:57 AM
ALL of the comments above are spot on, and as far as clientele, its a classic "chicken or the egg" dilemma. The stores (or lack thereof) determine the type of shoppers, and there are no longer many chain stores. It seems more of a farmers-market like atmosphere as far as the retailers are concerned, and machines such as those that give you cash for cell phones that may or may not be yours, and the "take a chance on an i-pod" scam seem to outright encourage dishonest behavior or facilitate gambling, respectively. I am no Puritan by a long shot, but it seems that maybe a theme is in order. Obviously the idea of a cultural center is fantastic, and already in the works with the addition of the ballet company. But what about a fitness hub as well? Perhaps more security would encourage more mall-walkers, as of course would the available saladworks. A yoga studio perhaps? Currently, there are positively no healthy food options to be had in the entire mall. The lesson of "if you build it, they will come" applies also in reverse. If you let whoever sell whatever they want in there, the public will take note and shop elsewhere.


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