Kids Eat Local: Wolff's Apple House

Find out how kid-friendly Wolff's Apple House in Media is.

We know how tough it can be to eat out with little ones. Patch wants to help you know before you walk in the door if Wolff's Apple House is a good place to eat with your children.




Is there a kids’ menu? Not officially but there are plenty of kid-friendly items including baked goods, fruit, pizzas, pasta dishes, salads, chili and pulled pork.


Are there healthy options on the kids’ meal? The store features organic, local and preservative free food. This is one of the healthiest places you can shop for your family.


How does the restaurant deal with food allergies? Alert the staff and they will accommodate you as best they can.


Is there a diaper changing station? No.


How difficult is it to maneuver a stroller through the dining area? Not that difficult.


Is the restaurant so quiet that any childish outburst will draw attention or is there enough noise that a small cry is likely to go unnoticed? Small cries will go unnoticed.


For the Meet the Chef/Owner of Wolff's Apple House, check back with Media Patch on Thursday.


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