New Produce at Wolff's

Media's Apple House has some new red offerings.

Looking for some produce that's local to Media? Wolff's Apple House has you covered.

From its Facebook page:

We now have PA tomatoes! These are high-tunnel tomatoes...in case you were wondering how PA tomatoes are available so early! 

High Tunnels are simple, clear plastic frames over the tomato plants that allow the sun to heat them sooner andmore effectively than it would otherwise. 

High tunnels also protect them from the elements such as wind, rain, hail, etc. High tunnels are not greenhouses; the tomatoes are field-grown directly in the soil. 

Many vegetable crops can be successfully grown in a high tunnel, but tomatoes are particularly well adapted for high tunnels since they can be trained to grow vertically by trellising or staking. Also, growing them in raised beds keeps the base of the plants up higher, away from harmful cold air and frost!

Check out some photos from the apple house on their Facebook page.

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