Restaurant Review: Georgio's Pizza & Burgers

This week food writer Clara Park reviews Georgio's Pizza & Burgers in Middletown Township.


Restaurant: Georgio’s Pizza & Burgers

Address: 20 S. Pennell Rd., Media, PA 19063

Rating: (out of 5 stars): ★★★
Style: Pizzeria

Food: Pizza, burgers and fries
Atmosphere: Neighborhood pizza shop
Parking: Small lot
Service: Friendly and accommodating
Price Range: Many items are under $10
Unique Features: Daily specials and coupons

When I hear Georgio, I think of the famous designer Giorgio Armani or George Clooney (that’s what they call him in Lake Como). in Middletown, doesn’t really have much in common with those two superstars. The name of the business sums it up nicely—they serve pizza and burgers. The fare and décor are simple but pleasant.

I met up with a friend for a weekday lunch and we noticed a decent amount of foot traffic. Students, office workers, mothers running errands and others were picking up lunch. Even I got to kill two birds with one stone as I mailed a package and stopped for lunch at the same spot (the Lima post office is right next door).

We ordered a cheeseburger and small pizza that was half BBQ chicken and half spinach. The burgers are advertised as being "made fresh daily from Lancaster County meat." The burger was fairly good. A nice fluffy bun encased a juicy patty with fresh tomatoes and lettuce. Priced at $3.49 this is probably one of the best deals around.

The small tasty pizza featured a Greek style crisp crust. Both the crust and cheese had a nice golden color to it. The tomato sauce had a mild flavor and needed a touch of salt and crushed red pepper. The BBQ chicken was all white meat and slightly dry. The BBQ sauce was slightly smoky with a subtle sweetness. The sauce added some much needed moisture to the chicken. The spinach was not fresh but seemed to be frozen. I understand that a pizza place would prefer to use frozen spinach as a pizza topping because it’s more convenient and easier to use but the flavor of frozen spinach does not hold a candle to fresh spinach. All in all the pizza was fine. I appreciated that they obliged my request for a half and half pie.

The service was quite friendly and accommodating. Our questions were answered in a timely fashion and both people behind the counter were full of smiles. The décor is simple and there is minimal seating. This place is better designed for to-go orders. There are over a dozen types of pizza which come in two sizes (small, 10 inch; jumbo, 18 inch) and a few riffs on the classic American burger.

Most of your favorite sodas are available and be sure to look out for the daily specials and coupons. is a nice place to stop for lunch when you’re in the area. It may not be fancy like an Armani dress or have A-list cache like Mr. Clooney, but it’s good honest food served by good honest people in a simple setting. 



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