Restaurant Review: Mango's Frozen Yogurt

Patch contributor Lauren Avellino Turton gets the scoop on Mango’s Frozen Yogurt.


Address: 311 E. Baltimore Ave.

Rating: (out of 5stars): ★★★1/2
Style: Sit down or take out dessert spot 

Food: Frozen yogurt, sorbet, toppings
Atmosphere: Bright, colorful, casual
Parking: Parking lot
Service: Friendly and casual
Price Range: Reasonable
Unique Feature: It’s build-your-own sundae, which is fun for the whole family.


I typically don’t eat dessert, but when I do crave a treat, my first choice is ice cream or frozen yogurt. If I am going to splurge, I’d rather go out to a parlor or restaurant, than have leftovers in my freezer to tempt me later.

Mango’s Frozen Yogurt is a pretty sweet spot for my sweet tooth.

When you walk through the door, expect funky, vibrant colors. Bright green and neon orange chairs, tables, stools, and counters fill the room. It’s very modern and squeaky clean.

Now the most important part, to me anyway, is the frozen yogurt.

There are many flavors to choose from, and for an added twist, you can combine two together. Flavors run the gamut, from your standard chocolate and vanilla, to red velvet cake and Hawaiian pineapple. If you’re
watching your waistline, look for the “fat-free” or “sugar-free” flavors.

The toppings are what will squash the diet, but I can’t resist, since after all, it’s my special splurge. Mango’s offers everything from fruit to candy to crumbled cookies. They have pineapple and strawberries, chocolate candies like Kit Kat and Heath Bar, and crushed cookies like chocolate chip. Plus, don’t forget the chocolate sauce and whipped cream.

I decided on the key lime sorbet, mixed with a bit of strawberry lemonade sorbet, and a dollop of standard vanilla. Key lime is one of this Key West-loving girl’s favorites. It was surely refreshing, but maybe a tad too tart, especially mixed with the citrusy lemon. The creaminess of the vanilla, once I stirred it around, took away that tart taste. Sticking with the refreshing nature of the sorbet, I topped my treat with strawberries, but couldn’t resist some chocolate candies.

Here’s the rub. I couldn’t eat nearly half of what I dished out. After talking to some friends who have visited Mango’s, it seems we all have the same comment. The cup is too big. For a little kid, or someone with a smaller appetite, it would be great if there were several size options. I realized I wasn’t aware of how much frozen yogurt I swirled in my cup, so while 49 cents an ounce seemed fair, it added up to about $6. The cup won’t keep me away from enjoying Mango’s again, it’s just something to be aware of next time I go.

Overall, the products taste delicious, it’s a fun, family-friendly place to bring the kids, there’s a big screen TV to catch the Phils’ score, the counter staff is pleasant, and the atmosphere is bright and cheery.

For a menu and nutrition information, visit Mango's website.


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