They Scoop The Poop So You Don't Have To

Delco Scoopers offers pet waste clean-up to Media residents.

If picking up after your dog is not your idea of a good time, Delco Scoopers may be just what you need.

Delco Scoopers was founded in February of 2012 by local resident Dan Doyle. 

"Our goal is to provide a clean, safe, and pet waste free yard for both your family and your pets," said Doyle. 

How It Works

The Delaware County based service offers professional pooper scooper services to residential and commercial properties. 

Delco Scoopers can provide services as frequently as you like with no contracts. Just call when you want to start or stop service. 

"We go out of our way to get to know the dogs that we see and we also go out of our way to make certain that all gates are closed and locked when we exit to ensure that your pets stay safe," said Doyle. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Does anyone need to be home when you come to scoop? 

As long as we can get to the area that needs cleaned, no one needs to be home. If you have a locked gate, please be sure it is unlocked on your service day. 

Can my dog be in the yard when you clean? 

One of the best parts of our job is getting to meet your dogs. However, if your dog is aggressive and we do not feel safe, we would ask that you confine your dog so we can safely clean your yard. 

Do you work in bad weather? 

We do our best to clean your yard in almost any weather. However, we will not clean in a heavy downpour or lightening. In the winter, we try to work around the snowfalls. If we are not able to clean your yard because of weather, we will not bill you. 

What do you do with the waste? 

We double bag the waste and leave it with your trash. 

Save Time and Money

Delco Scoopers offers the following discounts

  • 10% off for senior citizens
  • 10% off for service dogs
  • 10% off for three months for those who adopted a service dog from a local shelter

For more information call 610-328-2879, email, or visit the Delco Scoopers website. 


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