Filming of Terry Bradshaw Show Comes with Mixed Reviews

The $19,800 cost of filming in Media for Terry Bradshaw's 'Today in America' has some wondering if its worth the cost.

Some are speculating whether Terry Bradshaw's Today In America show, expected to film in Media in September, is worth the $19,800 price tag.

which depicts the "best places to live, work and visit" and Media was approached to be the focus of a five-minute segment.

is scheduled to council meeting.

All Things Media, Pa Blog reports that the Florida Attorney General filed a complaint against the production company in 2007. The television production company offered a similar $20,000 deal for a five-minute show segment and the Florida Attorney General alleged the company misrepresented its national sponsorship, its advisory boards and national airings of the segments. (See the attached PDF file).

A few New Jersey towns have also been approached to do the show earlier this year and some have turned it down due to the controversy over cost while others saw the cost as a branding opportunity for the town.

, the rescinded its contract in March with U.S. Media Television Inc., the company behind Today in America at the time, after a number of municipalities made  The municipalities had made similar deals with the company.

However Clark, New Jersey, another town that was approached for the show, was accepting of the fees and understood the television show was not a straight news feature. The fees were upfront and explained,

What do you think? Is Media being scammed or paying for a great opportunity and television exposure? Share your thoughts below.


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