Say Goodbye to Coffee Club

Tell us what you will miss about Coffee Club.

One of downtown Media's favorite spots for a cup of coffee, a friendly smile and just a chill place to meet with friends or co-workers is closing Friday. on State Street will make its last few cups of coffee, lattes and smoothies and breakfast wraps and salads and close for the final time at 2 p.m. on Friday. told Patch, family comes first and Coffee Club is closing so her family can have more time together. She thanked her "Coffee Club family" though for all their years together and says she'll miss them all.

What will you miss most about Coffee Club? Is it the fajita wrap or the pumpkin spice coffee? Did it become part of your morning routine on your walk to work? Or a quick place to escape from the afternoon work grind? Did you write a novel while sitting on the comfy couches or read one last chapter of your book, before you had to pick up the kids from school? 

Tell us about your Coffee Club experience. Say goodbye to Coffee Club. Media Patch will be sitting in Coffee Club Friday morning, so stop in and tell us your story and we'll add it here. Or say your goodbyes in the comments below or email at courtney.elko@patch.com. Media Patch and Coffee Club want to hear from you.


Watching Media Walk By

David Palmer—Coffee Club regular

It was never about coffee though that was always good. It was about sitting at the window table and watching Media walk by. It was about being with friends—old friends who came to do lunch and new friends you just met that moment. It was about being part of a community—sharing life. 


The Lights Were On

Orialis Hoyos-Media resident

I came on the last day? I had no idea. This is the place I come when I need some time for myself. There was a huge ice and snowstorm once and the lights went out everywhere. I said let me go out and see if I can find somewhere (the power was on). This was the only place that was open. Half the town was here because no one else had power but they had a generator. The whole place was full of people. 


Bible Club Meetings

Barbara G.-County Courthouse employee

We did Wednesday Bible Club here. I’m going to miss it. Every Wednesday the Bible Club would get together. We’re going to have to find a new place now. 



Roseann McNeill-Wells Fargo employee

It has to come back. It’s such a staple of Media. I’ve been coming here since high school in 2002. It’s terrible. I’m going to miss it and everyone that works here. Tear. 


My Last One's Free

Lauren Avellino Turton-Media resident, Patch contributor and Coffee Club loyalist

When I received a text from a friend of mine who is also a loyal Coffee Club-goer, I was pretty shocked, and wasn’t sure what to think exactly. It’s like any place you visit regularly, if something big changes, there is this sense of panic and uneasiness. My immediate thoughts were "Is everything ok? Is it the economy? What will all the regulars do?" Once I learned the true reason for the closing, it all made sense. Family comes before all else. Us regulars will figure out another way to get our morning jolt, and all will be fine. That said, I know that I, along with many of my friends and co-workers, will deeply miss the "CC," and the friendly staff we’ve come to know on a daily basis.

My experiences at Coffee Club have been nothing but positive ones. I’ll admit, I’m not quite as religious as the next guy or gal, and sometimes do make my own java at home, but I’ve managed to log many a cup and enjoyed many a lunch there.

My list of favorite things about the Coffee Club is long, but there are a few that definitely stand out. I have to say, when I think of the fall weather, the pumpkin spice brew comes to mind right away. The two go hand-in-hand. A steaming hot cup has been the perfect way to start a brisk November morning, and I will miss that.

Something else that is worth a mention is the staff and the atmosphere. Sometimes a coffee shop can be pretentious or intimidating for the non-coffee connoisseur, but not Coffee Club. The girls always greeted me in a friendly way, made sure I got my seventh cup free, and just made it a pleasant place to be in the morning, on break, and even during meetings.

I’ve had many a meeting at Coffee Club, in fact, a few that helped my involvement grow with Patch. It’s been the ideal spot to hop on a laptop (free WiFi), have a quick meeting, while enjoying a great cup of coffee and a sandwich.

The bottom line is, I will deeply miss the "CC," and I know from talking to my friends and co-workers, they will as well. This place has become iconic in downtown Media. It is a staple, and a familiar place with familiar faces. While there’s no replacement, as I mentioned before, we will figure out another way to consume our caffeine, but it’ll never be quite the same.

Thank you Coffee Club for everything.


Masters in Caffeination

Drew Arata-Earth & State owner, leader in Media's Fair Trade movement and Coffee Club lifer

One of my favorite T-shirts of all time came from the Coffee Club. It was a medieval battle scene and said, "Another Day Brought to You by Coffee." Pretty sure I bought it the year it opened before the "coffee craze" really took hold and Starbucks appeared everywhere.

This is the first coffee shop that left an impression on me, it opened while I was in college when I perfected my "Masters in Caffeination." I have always been and continue to be a fan of great coffee and in recent years the Coffee Club has been the regular home to most of the Fair Trade Committee meetings serving the delicious and locally roasted Burlap & Bean coffee.

They have been a great host and I personally will not just miss the breakfast wraps and coffee—I'll miss the Campbells. My Thursdays will never be the same. I know that it is a good transition for Dave and Nicole and they will still be part of our community but the closing of "the club" is the end of an era indeed.


Comfy, Cozy Home

Dan Jolly-Delaware County Courthouse employee

The Coffee Club will be missed. Not only did it have the best coffee in Media, they provided a comfy-cozy-home-like atmosphere for all to enjoy.


Always a Place in My Heart

Katie Hagan-Beyer - Delaware County Courthouse employee and part of the "family" 

Coffee Club was a place where everyone knew everyone. It felt like a big family that you could share good times and bad times with, and still love them at the end of the day. It was full of great people who have become my best friends now and forever. I will always have a place in my heart for my Coffee Club family.


Tricia June 30, 2011 at 08:26 PM
The Coffee Club has been a part of my daily routine for at least eight years. This week as I stirred my coffee each day, I actually wanted to cry. I know cry over coffee, right? It's not just the coffee, it is the Girls that work there and how they also became part of my day. When I first started going there, I have to be honest, I was a little taken with these Ladies and their tattoos, but it just confirmed the good old saying to never judge a book by its cover. So not only did I enjoy the coffee, but it opened me up to a great "family" that I have come to truly appreciate. Thanks for all my morning jumpstarts. By the way eventhough you are gone....like the register says, "Friends don't let Friends go to Starbucks". Love you guys!!
Richard Bergman July 02, 2011 at 01:11 AM
What began as the goal in my morning run grew into so much more. The Coffee Club became friends and family. The warm and friendly atmosphere welcomed me and made me comfortable. The Coffee Club became a social network that introduced me to so many wonderful people. I have so many treasured memories of Saturday mornings . Thanks to Nicky, Dave, Norma Jean and Lauren. Richard


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