Would YOU Do This?

Hundreds ride SEPTA without pants.

Image Courtesy: PHL 17 via Youtube
Image Courtesy: PHL 17 via Youtube
Thousands of people took to public transportation in dozens of cities, including SEPTA,  around the globe Sunday to ride their local subways without pants.

2014 marks the 13th annual Ride the Subway Without Pants Event in Philly.  
If you missed it, don't worry.  You could still ride the Media-Elwyn line in your skivvies if you feel the need.  According to one leader of the Philly ride highlighted in a Youtube video of a WPHL TV17 report, "The State of Pennsylvania does allow you to walk around without pants, as long as your underwear is fully covering your privates."  That is indeed a relief and good news for both military platoon leaders and anyone considering taking part in pant-less subway or other public transit rides.

So... would you take a ride on SEPTA without pants? 

Tell us what you think about that, and this PG rated annual stunt, in the comments section at the bottom of this article.


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