Local Area Obituaries for Week of April 23

Recent death notices of local and former residents.

The following is a list of obituaries for residents who lived or have lived in the surrounding areas.


William Platt, formerly of Media, dies at 83.
Jeffrey Whelan, of Media and a 1997 Penncrest High School graduate, dies at 32.
John Baker, of Media, dies at 88.
Laurence Larson, formerly of Media, dies at 65.

Jessie McHugh, of Media, dies at 90.

Robert McNally, of Media, dies at 82.


Marple and Newtown Townships

Janes Mardinly, of Newtown Square, dies at 93.
Andrew Conti, of Newtown Square, died on April 17.
Albert Haverson, of Newtown, died on April 22.
Marleen D’Ascenzo, of Broomall, died on April 19.

Brian Pasquarello, a graduate of Marple Newtown High School and a resident of Broomall, dies at 38.
Anna Marie Lahey, of Broomall, died on April 17.


Springfield Township

Rocco Imperatrice, of Springfield, dies at 90.
Milton Mowbray, formerly of Springfield, dies at 90.
Margaret Wanenchak, of Springfield
, died on April 20.


Haverford Township

Katherine Burgum, of Haverford, dies at 69.
Leonard Lynch, of Havertown, dies at 56.
Robert McNally, born in Haverford, dies at 82.
Eileen Alfreda Ryan, of Havertown, dies at 73.
Robert Clark, of Havertown, dies at 56.
Joseph Nunan, of Havertown, died on April 14.


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