Local Area Obituaries for Week of May 21

Recent death notices of local and former residents.

The following is a list of obituaries for residents who lived or have lived in the surrounding areas.


Jeanne Kilgour, of Media, dies at 88.

Joseph Guetter, of Media, dies at 90.

Glenny Coleman, of Media, died on May 10.

Joseph Cassidy, of Media, dies at 90.

Audrey Betson, formerly of Media, dies at 83.

Marcella Mitchell, of Media, dies at 95.

Robert Nather, born in Media, dies at 76.

Frank Savitsky, former Media police officer, dies at 75.

Richard Stokes, of Media, dies at 80.


Marple and Newtown Townships

Margaret Miller, of Broomall, dies at 95.

Barbara Thornburgh Best, of Newtown Square, died on May 16.


Springfield Township

Betty June Anders, of Springfield, dies at 90.

Robert James Clements, of Springfield, dies at 26.

Mathew Tee McGill, of Springfield, dies at 28.

Dorothy Robinson, of Springfield, dies at 84.

Matthew Senior, of Springfield, dies at 74.


Haverford Township

Thomas DeJohn, of Havertown, dies at 86.

John Flanagan, of Havertown, died on May 14.

Alice Neely, of Havertown, dies at 82.

Sidney Young, of Havertown, dies at 80.




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