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Question: What are the best local places for kid's haircuts? And let's not forget the moms, what are the best local places to get your hair done? 


Answer From Momʼs Councilmember Robin Fradkin Matthew (mother of 1):

My favorite local salon is Hair West, which is only a year or two old. It's in a small strip of shops on State Road, sort of behind Cycle Sport. It's $8.99 for every hair cut—adults or kids. It's nice inside (unlike the grungy Kids Kuts in Marple or Hair Stop in Media, where they appear to smoke cigarettes in the shop when there aren't any customers) and they've been very friendly. It isn't specifically kid-oriented, though they did have a booster and colorful cape for my toddler. They listened to what I wanted and did a nice job (and I am incredibly picky about these things.)

I have had my hair cut there twice with mixed results. The first time was excellent. My stylist took a long time to talk with me about what I wanted and I was satisfied. The second time, not so much. Still, $8.99—can't beat it.

When money's no object, I go to on State Street. I have gone there for years and years and she does an excellent job. I also love the Aveda products they use (not to mention the complimentary scalp and hand massage and free margaritas) It's definitely on the pricier side, though, and I never get out of there for under $90 (just for a wash, cut, blow-dry) with tip. A bonus of going there regularly, though, is that they will cut my son's hair for $10, even though they don't do children as a general rule.


Answer From Momʼs Councilmember Kristy O'Connor (mother of 2):

The best place for my family to get their hair cut has been my bathroom.  Seriously, I shave my husband's head there and trim my daughter's bangs after she's had a bath. She likes to have her hair long so there really hasn't been a need to get her hair cut professionally. Besides, it's good to keep the cost down since I usually spend a good amount of money on my own hair. I love going to Déjà Vu on State Street for my own hair. Not only are they so nice, but all their services and employees are wonderful. Having two girls, I'm sure I'll be spending plenty of time and money there in the future so it's good to save now and just do their hair on my own. 


Answer From Momʼs Councilmember Kristin Luther (mother of 2):

Our favorite spot for kids' haircuts is Kids Kuts in Springfield, in the Marple Crossroads Shopping Center. Both of my boys are pretty calm and easy during haircuts, so they do well anywhere they get their haircut. But the playground animals to sit on and the kids' movie playing during a haircut are hard to beat.  Some of the hairdressers are more friendly than others--our favorite is definitely Mary--she is very sweet to the kids. Hair West, on State Road in Media, is a great spot for a cheap, decent haircut. All of us-- my husband, kids, and myself--now go there most often for an easy, $8.99 haircut. The staff is friendly and very flexible--just tell them what you're looking to have done and they do a great job.


Courtney Judge September 21, 2012 at 06:10 PM
Sounds like everyone seems to be so quick to judge before knowing facts.Who made you judge & jury?


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