See How Media is Praising Moms

Read the praise these moms are getting on Patch.

Patch is giving each of you the opportunity to tell the greater Philadelphia and Lehigh Valley areas why your mother is so special and what makes her so wonderful. We’re so excited about getting these great stories that we’re offering $500 to one lucky person.

If you haven't .

So far, many of you are participating and here is one of Media Patch's Mom's Praise. I know there are more of you out there. 

Jessica, of Media, tells us:

I love my mom more than most know
Her strength and care never fail to show
She’s done well raising us five kids alone
Her hugs and kisses can cure any groan
I appreciate the sacrifices and all she does
I admire and look up to her, and not just "because"
Through all our struggles and the good times
As we work everything out, our bonding climbs
She is not just my mom but my best friend
We support each other and our growth will never end
There aren’t enough words to thank my mother
She’s meant to be happy and spend life with another.



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