$11K Allegedly Taken from Dead Woman's Bank Account

The following information has been supplied by the Pennsylvania State Police-Media Barracks. If arrests or charges are mentioned, they do not indicate guilt or a conviction.

The Pennsylvania State Police-Media Barracks report that a man allegedly committed theft by moving about $11,000 of his deceased mother's money into his bank account.

Dianne Lewis-Clemons, who is now deceased and formerly of Media, was being cared for by her cousin during her illness and death and the two shared a joint Wells Fargo bank account, according to State Police.

The cousin alleges that between June and September about $10,000 to $11,000 was removed from the joint Wells Fargo account.

The cousin alleges that Lewis-Clemons' son fraudulently acquired the Wells Fargo bank account number and used his mother's personal information to open an account with JP Morgan and transfer funds from the joint Wells Fargo account into the JP Morgan, according to State Police.

At the time of Lewis-Clemons death no money remained in the account for burial expenses, according to State Police.

Lewis-Clemons' son, who does not have the same name and is from Brooklyn, New York, stated to police that his mother gave him the account information and allowed access to the funds, which were used properly for his deceased mother's benefit, according to State Police.


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