Media Police Dept.: Lt. Richard Johnson

Get to know your Media Police Department.

Media Patch wants you to get to know your first responders. They do dangerous work and Patch would like to recognize them. This first responder didn't always know he wanted to be a police officer but once he realized his calling, he never looked back. Lt. Richard Johnson has worked with the for 30 years.

Please send us first responders who you would like to see profiled.


Name: Richard Johnson

Age: 56

Hometown: Grew up in Maryland

Rank/Title: Lieutenant


How long have you been with the Media Police Department?

Twenty-six years as an officer for Media Police and another four years as a Media Police dispatcher, prior to become an officer.


What do you like about your job?

I like most of it, there's really a lot involved. It's still the greatest show on earth.

My coworkers are easy to get along with and we have the best chief in the county. We're encouraged to do our job and allowed to do our job, there's no micromanaging or babysitting. We have a good group of officers here. It takes all kinds.


What do you dislike about your job?

We can deal with some people who are unhappy with us, they don't want a parking or speeding ticket, but that's just human nature.


What inspired you to become a police officer?

Growing up, I had no inclination to be a police officer. I finished college and became a salesman. The company I was working for got bought out and I was a proud young person and decided to go out on my own but I soon found myself unemployed. Shortly after that, I got a job as a dispatcher here and it was soon after that, that I realized, wow this is different. I decided to become an officer and put myself through the academy while working full time, which was tough. But I graduated first in my class and soon after that I was hired here.


What do you like about the greater Media area?

Media is the cream of the crop in the county. Everyone loves Media, they come here from far and wide.


What do you want the general public to know about the Media Police Departmet?

I'm proud of how we cleaned up the town. When I came in (in the early 1980s) there were burlgaries at gunpoint and all sorts of crimes. Now, you can walk at night and feel safe and I like to think myself and the other officers here have a lot to do with that. Bad guys don't like coming here anymore, the ones who aren't in jail, moved.


Do you know a First Responder you think we should feature? E-mail Editor Courtney Elko at Courtney.elko@patch.com



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