State Police Make Arrests in Burglary Ring

The following information has been supplied by the Pennsylvania State Police-Media Barracks. If arrests or charges are mentioned, they do not indicate guilt or a conviction.

The  announced that arrests have been made in several burglaries throughout Middletown Township.

Four people were arrested and charged in connection with burglaries in the Riddlewood neighborhood, Lenni area and S. Old Middletown Road between May 16 and July 26, according to State Police.

Jesse Wilson, 22, of Exton, was charged with burglary and related offenses and is currently in Delaware County Prison.

Sarah Holland, 25, of Media was charged with conspiracy to burglary and related offenses and is currently released on bail.

Amber Warren, 22, of Aston, was charged with conspiracy to burglary and related offenses and is currently in Delaware County Prison.

Gerald Crepack, 21, of Aston, was charged with receiving stolen property and is currently in Delaware County Prison.

According to State Police, Delaware County has had numerous daytime, residential burglaries. Most of the burglaries occurred between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. and the houses were entered forcefully, according to State Police, and some houses were burglarized twice within the same week.

Everything from , , small electronics, flat screen televisions, cash, jewelry, video game systems and other items were taken from the homes.

Wilson was arrested on a failure to appear warrant and he allegedly had property on him from a burglary that was committed the day before, according to State Police.

Wilson allegedly confessed to several burglaries, according to State Police.

Holland and Warren were interviewed by police and also allegedly confessed to assisting Wilson with the burglaries by providing rides to or from the burglaries and to places where the property was sold, according to State Police.

Crepack also assisted Wilson, allegedly with hiding and selling the stolen property, according to State Police.

The property stolen in the burglaries was sold to pawn shops but mostly sold on the street in the Kensington section of Philadelphia to obtain money for drugs, according to State Police.

These arrests have cleared numerous burglaries that occurred in Middletown Township and since the arrests no other residential burglaries have occurred in the township.

The investigation is ongoing.

BLo1 September 08, 2012 at 11:30 PM
Awesome job!!! Thanks for taking this scum off the streets. Hope they're locked up for a long, long time!!!


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