Woman Refuses Scammer Who Said She Won $10,000 in Grant Money

The Upper Providence woman, instead, notified police of the phone scam.

A Upper Providence Township woman did not become a victim to another phone scam, according to Upper Providence Township police. 

A resident of the unit block of Kirk Lane reported to police on Jan. 11 that someone attempted to scam her and her mother over the phone over a period of two days, according to police.

The woman told police that they received anonymous phone calls from people sounding like they had Jamaican accents and saying they were with the federal government, according to police. 

The scammers requested credit card and bank information in the calls, according to police. 

The scammers also asked for $290 to be sent to them in order to receive $10,000 in available grant money for maintaining good credit, according to police. 

But when the women asked for the scammer's phone number and email address, they were cursed at, according to police. 

The women refused the scammers and wanted to make police aware of the incident, according to police. 

A very similar scamming incident also happened in Marple Township on the same day and the woman in that incident also did not become a victim


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