Borough Approves Filming Agreement with Terry Bradshaw's 'Today in America'

Media Borough Council ratified a participation agreement Thursday with the production company expected to film in Media in September.

voted 6-1 to ratify a participation agreement between the borough and Today in America with Terry Bradshaw at its Thursday meeting.

Council member Dr. Eric Stein voted against the agreement after an amendment he made to the agreement was voted down.

which depicts the "best places to live, work and visit" and the at a cost of about $20,000.

The borough has partnered with Delaware County, and the Media Business Authority which will share in the cost, each organization paying $5,000 and the borough paying $6,300. The borough has agreed to pay the production company for additional footage not used in the five-minute Today in America show segment.

Prior to council's vote, Media Mayor Bob McMahon addressed recent blog posts on All Things Media, Pa. blog (who's author is also chairman of the Media Republican Party)

In 2007, the Florida Attorney General filed a complaint against the production company alleging it misrepresented its national sponsorship, its advisory boards and national airings of the segments. (See the attached PDF file).

McMahon said Thursday that he along with Council President Brian Hall and Vice President Monica Simpson have researched the production company, watched YouTube videos of other Today in America town segments and reached out to other towns and businesses that have previously been featured on the show, all of which were happy with the result, he said. McMahon also referenced his background in producing several films himself.

"I talked to our partners again and they still think this is valuable," McMahon said.

He said having collective video footage of all of the community events, businesses and school activities in Media will greatly benefit the borough and its partners.

"(All of our video footage) was never all together and now there's an effort to gather all the footage and have it in a common place," McMahon said.

Simpson explained further that the borough's $6,300 contribution was covered under the borough's economic developement budget and said last year economic development allocated $4,000 for a parking garage sign.

"I think the value here is clear," Simpson said.

Stein asked that the agreement be amended to include more details on who owns the copyright on the video and additional footage and include written understanding of the borough partners rights to the footage.

The agreement includes licensing rights but does not mention copyright.

"Since we're paying for this, we have the right to know who owns the copyright," Stein said.

Simpson explained that the agreement was only between the borough and the production company. The county, school district and MBA are not included in the agreement with the production company and will pay the borough directly their contributing costs.

Simpson also explained that the borough will pay the production company one-third of the cost at the signing of the agreement, another third at script approval and the last third following final edit of the footage. The borough has final approval of the video footage.

Stein said he had no doubts in the final video product but wants to ensure that the borough retains the rights to the footage.

Stein's amendment to the agreement was voted down 6-1.

Upper Providence resident and owner of Media's Becky Lee told council she was in full support of the project and said Blueberry Bog would be happy to contribute financially to the project, if needed.

Media resident Paul Indorf also said he was in favor of the project.


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Tim Connor July 20, 2012 at 05:06 PM
What turnip truck did the borough council fall off of? They are paying $20k to a production company?!!! For a show that nobody even knows exists?! What a group of morons. Production companies for TV shows don't charge money - it is a scam. You think if the Today show did a live hit from the court house steps they would charge? No. It is a slap in the face in these economi hard times - especially when there are several Production companies located in Media that could use the money a do a better job. And what are they going to do with the footage they get???


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