Borough Residents Support 3rd St. Compromise

Media Borough residents showed support for the 3rd Street Project compromise at the recent legislative meeting.

Several residents showed support at last week's Media Borough Council meeting for what has been called a "compromise" on the across the dam.

Media Borough Council voted 4-3 in favor of a one-lane, one-way roadway across the dam in September as residents continued to sit on both sides of the fence regarding the number of lanes and width of the roadway prior to the vote.

Following the vote, Broomall's Lake Country Club filed a contempt of court petition against the borough saying it is in violation of a three-way stipulation agreement to "re-establish" the roadway as it was 16 years ago.

Borough Council President Brian Hall said council has responded to the petition but could not comment on the ongoing litigation.

At Thursday's meeting, several residents spoke to council saying they were not "happy" with the one-way, one-lane decision, however they support this compromise.

Linda Healy, of Media, said the one-lane compromise is somewhat similar to the greenway initiative she supported about a year ago.

Debbie Krull, of Media and the borough's Democratic party chair, said the issue has lasted a long time and was complicated and she commended council for moving forward. Krull also blogged about the compromise here.

Stephanie Gaboriault, of Media and chair of Friends of Glen Providence Park, said the group did not "get what it wanted" in a greenway and removing the dam and a compromise was the narrowest possible road with a pedestrian lane and the one-lane decision is not as narrow as possible.

"So we still didn't get what we wanted," Gaboriault said. "But we recognize that it was a compromise and we support that compromise."

Former Councilman Peter Williamson, who is the borough treasurer and works as a conservationist, said he supports the compromise and said every foot that is saved on the roadway, saves a foot in the park.

"This is a complex problem with a long history," Williamson said. "Several councils have wrestled with this thing and you have the unfortunate task of being handed the remanence of all of that activity and have come up with something, and I think you've done a great job."

Cindy Miller, of Upper Providence, said although she is not a Media resident she attends events and activities at the park often and encouraged those who support the park to actually attend the events.

She said Upper Providence was disappointed that they were not informed of Media's position on the one-lane, one-way decision.

"We (Upper Providence residents) do have a stake in this and you folks know my feelings on this," Miller, who is not in support of the one-lane decision, said.

Two other Media Patch bloggers shared their views against the compromise earlier this month. Tracy Brown Barusevicius wrote here and Jim Cunningham wrote here.

Janet Lis October 23, 2012 at 01:15 PM
The headline to this story fails to reflect the continued divided feelings on this matter. This issue should be resolved taking into account the benefit of the area as a whole, including any tax and safety issues, and in compliance with stipulations already agreed to. It is not clear that all factors are being considered.
Courtney Elko October 23, 2012 at 01:50 PM
Thanks for your comment, Janet. The community may in fact still be divided on this issue but at the last council meeting the majority of residents were in support of the compromise.
Mike M October 23, 2012 at 10:38 PM
A major thank you to Ms. Elko for bringing some fair reporting to this issue. In spite of the aggressive minority spouting otherwise, it appears that no tidal wave of Media residents stormed the borough council meeting to end the oppression of a one way / one lane road. Hot Air Jordan, Teddy Bear O'Hara, Richie Cunningham, etc. have been claiming all kinds of support for their side of this issue. It seems their "support" isn't making itself known to the borough council in person. As a resident of Media, I'm glad this properly elected council is moving forward with the most Media-centric plan they can manage. The amateur Republican pundits from both inside and outside of Media borough can feel free to express their personal opinions about the bridge project and the borough council, but they need to stop acting as if they represent some type of massive grass roots campaign to end the tyranny of a one way bridge. I’ve now lived in the borough for 4 years and haven’t felt the slightest difficulty in my travels from not having a functioning bridge. My opinion is my own, and I’ll not pass it off as otherwise. I’ll suggest that others stop claiming support from some silent majority that is in actuality silent, but otherwise quite fictitious.


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