Ingle Attorney's Fight Evidence in Murder Pretrial Hearings

Attorneys for the mother and son held for trial in the 2008 killing of the family's patriarch, challenged several pieces of evidence in a motion's hearing, according to philly.com.

Attorneys for both the mother and son, who were held in March for trial in the 2008 killing of the family's patriarch, argued to suppress several pieces of evidence in a motion's hearing Wednesday, according to philly.com.

Bhavnaben Ingle, 52, and her son, Parth Ingle in their Middletown home.

According to State Police, Arunkumar Ingle, 55, was brutally killed in his Middletown residence and his body was found the following day. The Delaware County Medical Examiner ruled the death a homicide and the cause of death was crushing blunt force head injuries with multiple stab wounds to the head and neck and his testicles were mutilated.

Both Bhavnaben Ingle, arrested in February, and Parth Ingle, 25, arrested in December 2011, remain in county prison, held without bail.

According to philly.com, when Parth Ingle gave his statement to police, following his father's death, he was not yet read his rights and Ingle's attorney John Kusturiss argued any evidence obtained in those interviews should not be used at trial.

According to the Delaware County Daily Times, Parth Ingle's attorney's are also arguing that a note found at Parth Ingle’s residence is protected under attorney-client privilege and has moved to change the trial venue.

to have, "statute," "life insurance," "What would happen to you guys," and "Can I be arrested (in) another country" written on it.

Judge Barry C. Dozer did not yet rule at the pretrial hearing and it was continued to a date yet to be determined.

Read the full philly.com article here and the full Delaware County Daily Times article here.


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