Media Borough Council Appoints 3rd St. Project Citizens Advisory Committee

The Third Street Project Citizen's Advisory Committee will give its recommendations to Media Borough Council by April 1.

appointed nine residents as members to the newly formed Third Street Project Citizen's Advisory Committee at its meeting Thursday night.

Councilmen Paul Robinson, Dr. Eric Stein and Monika Rehoric are council liasons to the citizen's committee and recommended the nine members after several borough residents submitted letters of interest to be on the committee.

The committee will hold Monday meetings, which residents are welcome to attend, and is charged with giving borough council its recommendation for the Third Street Project by April 1 in order for council to give the state direction, by May, as to how to proceed with the project.

"In order for the advisory group to get their information and for council to digest this information to make recommendations, we regret that we're requiring the advisory committee to do this job in such a short time," Robinson said.

Borough Council has after residents voiced . There are currently three proposed designs for the project, one that would return it to a roadway, one that would make it a greenway and pedestrain area, and one that would breach or remove the dam entirely.

Any decision that is made must be , the borough, the county and Broomall's Lake Country Club.

Robinson thanked all of the residents who showed interest in the committee and said he thinks the group is a diverse representation of the borough, with members from all of the borough precincts.

Councilwoman Dawn Roe said she hoped the members would be impartial in their recommendations as a few of the members are involved with the Friends of Glen Providence Park, a group created to help preserve the park.

Robinson said he believes the committee will be professional in its recommendations to council and while some may hold a specific position on the project he believes they will still be impartial.

"I could be wrong...but this is truly an advisory committee," Robinson said. "We are, as council, still the decision makers. The information that this committee gives back to council is only a percentage of what we will be using in order to make this final determination."

Stein said the committee will address broad community concerns and look at the project from a viewpoint of multiple stake holders, not a particular stake holder.

"I think in the end we'll be in a position to make a really well informed decision that benefits multipe stake holders," Stein said.

Borough Council unanimously appointed the following nine members to the Third Street Project Citizen's Advisory Committee:

Terry Rumsey, Reverend Adam Kradel, Linda Healy, Letita Jeavons, Brett Lester, Michael Jordan, Dr. Samuel Lemon, Michael Kinsley and Robin Lasersohn.


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