Stop Sign Approved at 2nd and Monroe Sts

Media Borough Council also apologized to residents and business owners for the poorly planned road resurfacing work.

Media Borough Council approved a new stop sign at the intersection of 2nd and Monroe streets at its meeting Thursday.

Councilman Paul Robinson said the intersection is the only one along Monroe Street without a stop sign and it was determined that one is needed.

He asked that Media Mayor Bob McMahon advise Media Police to install the new stop sign.

Robinson said the Public Safety Committee will also conduct a comprehensive review of all of the borough's stop signs to determine if some may no longer be needed or other intersections that may be in need of additional stop signs.

"One of the biggest things is trying to look at a few different areas of the borough that we could really emphasis as our strong pedestrian walkways and really work on those areas and make pedestrian walkways safer in the borough," Robinson said.

Road Resurfacing Concerns

Robinson also apologized to business owners and residents regarding the timing of road re-surfacing earlier in December.

Many business owners and residents voiced concerns about the poor timing of the road work which limited parking in the business district, during the busy shopping season.

Former Councilman Jim Cunningham asked council during public comment why the repaving was done a week before Christmas when historically the paving does not happen so late in the year.

"All I heard from merchants last week was complaints about how this is the time we do a high percentage of our business for the year and we've got streets torn up, traffic backed up and people can't find parking spaces," Cunningham said.

Robinson said there were significant issues with the paving contractor this year, which was under contract to complete the work by mid-December but there were concerns with temperature and paving plants shutting down leaving an issue with materials.

"I am not happen, our engineer is not happy, everyone is not happy," Robinson said. "There will be significant changes to the way the contract is put out in 2013 and there will be discussion with the current contractor."

He said the borough had a contract with the paving company which did not violate the contract but came very close in missing the deadline of the contract.

"I do promise you, and will make sure, this will not happen in 2013," Robinson said. "I do truly apologize."




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