Student Reporter Headed to "Story of Career"

This Conestoga High School Student is getting to cover a story that some veteran pros only dream about.

Jenna Spoont knows how to go after a story. She's part of the award-winning Conestoga High School Spoke Newspaper staff and an on camera reporter for TETV.

This weekend she's heading to her dream assignment, covering  a presidential inaugural.

Spoont and two other Spoke staff members (the Editor-in Chief and the Business Manager) will be on Capitol Hill Monday to watch President Obama take the oath of office for a second term during a ceremonial swearing-in ceremony. Obama will take the official oath of office in the White House on Sunday, January 20 as prescribed by law.  It'll make an impressive credit on the high school senior's already impressive reporter resume which includes covering the presidential campaign of 2012.

She didn't wait for someone to assign this to her. Like any dogged reporter, Spoont went after the story.  "I applied on my own to get press credentials through different organizations, through the Presidential Inaugural Committee. I just found out a couple of days ago that I received the credentials."

"I'll be attending the Kids Inaugural Concert which will be featuring Alycia Keys, Usher, the Glee cast, a bunch of A-List names.  I'll be going to the National Day of Service before the concert,"Spoont tells TE Patch. "On Monday, I'll be in the crowd of people with my press pass along the National Mall."

So how big a deal is covering a Presidential Inaugural?

For the Conestoga senior "this is the pinnacle of my journalism career.. my high school journalism career" Spoont says. It's also the crescendo of covering the 2012 Presidential campaign. "I covered the Mitt Romney rally, Joe Biden's  speech in Philadelphia and now it's kind of cool to go together with the politics."

Jenna says "she's really proud to be representing The Spoke.  I think that we work so hard every day to put together a newspaper and this is definitely a great part of it, a great art of beig on The Spoke."

The Spoke has a long tradition of excellence and is widely regarded as one of the best studene newspapers in the nation.

Jenna plans to tweet from the Obama Kids Inaugural Concert on Saturday and MLK Day of Service events on Sunday and the Mall on Monday as the President marks the beginning of his second and final term in office. Look for updates on her reporting assignment of a lifetime here on TE Patch.

Bob Byrne January 18, 2013 at 12:26 PM
While this story focuses on one of the students who work on The Spoke, Jenna is quick to point out that is a team effort. I see Spoke reporters and TETV photographers and producers at events all over Tredyffrin and Easttown. I first met Jenna at a political rally during the 2012 Presidential campaign and was immediately impressed by how well she and her photographer held their own with a pack of national and Philly reporters and photographers. The Spoke is run not like a typical high school paper, but far more like a professional newspaper. I have always been impressed by the Spoke reporters I have met over the years. It's great to see the future of journalism is in good hands at the Spoke. Congratulations to the faculty advisors on an outstanding job!
Marc January 18, 2013 at 05:17 PM
Thanks for reporting this story Bob. Without Patch, we probably wouldn't have heard about this exciting opportunity.


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