VP Biden: Honor Veterans Every Day

Media's Veterans Day Parade rose to another level of success with the Vice President of the United States speaking to a crowd of hundreds in front of the Delaware County Courthouse Friday afternoon.

Media's rose to another level of success on Friday with the of hundreds in front of the Delaware County Courthouse with his wife Dr. Jill Biden and granddaughter Finnegan along side him.

The parade was filled with the hallmarks of any patriotic day: Veterans from long-ago wars and some from recent ones marched the streets that were littered with spectators waving Old Glory.

After the should be every day.

"I'm honored to be here on Veterans Day in Delaware County to honor 23 million veterans (across the country)," Biden said. "Delaware County is the home of 36,000 veterans."

Biden said the country still has well over 100,000 troops deployed and they and their families deserve the nation's thanks and assistance.

But despite Biden’s somber speech, he did add some levity to it when he mentioned and the executive director of the Veterans Legacy Project.

"Bob and I kind of have this thing. I’m kind of in love with his wife Dale. Dale and I go back a long way. She was a mere child but she helped me in 1972, Bob. I don’t want to ruin your reputation but she was with me in my 1972 campaign when I was a 29-year-old kid. I couldn’t have won without her, so I’m taking her back to Washington with me," Biden joked to Dimond, with Dimond making a comeback that only those around him heard which caused laughter, prompting Biden say, "I’m not even going to say what you just said Bob."

Biden thanked Congressman Patrick Meehan (R-Dist. 7) for the "passport into his district" and said the two are friends as Biden joked how he grew up an Irish Catholic in Scranton and, "to be Irish, is to be Catholic, is to be Democrat ... I don't know what the hell happened," regarding Meehan's party choice.

"I joke, Pat's a great guy," Biden added.

Biden said this generation, known as Generation X, should really be called Generation Excellent because they are warriors.

"Unlike other generations of warriors, (recent veterans) have walked into hell not once, but too many of them have done it two, three, four, five times ... It's one thing to do it once, it's another to do it time and time and time again," he said.

"Thanks to our veterans our nation is safe," Biden said.

"Long after these wars are over and the welcome home parades are finished and the memorials are built and the streets are renamed, our obligation will endure," he said. "I have no doubt the obligation endures."

"May God bless you all. May God bless the United States and most importantly may God protect our troops," Biden concluded.


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Susan November 16, 2011 at 06:14 PM
I was away for the Veterans Day parade, so was just catching up on the event with Media Patch. You all did a great job on the coverage and the video and pictures were wonderful. The crowd really seemed to enjoy the event. Vice President Biden gave a nice speech honoring all veterans. Thanks Patch


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