GPAs Discussed, Donations Accepted at RTM School Board Meeting

The School Board approved a resolution about student GPAs and class rank and discussed two donations to the school district.

The Rose Tree Media Board of School Directors accepted two donations and approved a GPA and class rank change at Thursday night’s meeting.

The School Board approved a resolution to calculate GPAs twice a year at Penncrest High School and to report class rank beginning the first semester of ninth grade.

GPA will be calculated at the middle and the end of each school year. It had previously only been computed at the end of each school year. Class rank had only been announced at the end of sophomore year in the past. Class rank will continue to be based on a student’s weighted GPA.

"It helps to keep everybody on board, particularly the parents," board member Peter Barry said.

Janet Liss, of Upper Providence, spoke during public comment in support of the resolution. Liss emphasized that GPA and class rank are important starting in ninth grade and especially during junior year as students apply to college.

She said that knowing GPA and class rank earlier in a student’s high school career means students and parents, “can gauge how to improve and set goals.”

Scoreboard, Wrestling Equipment Donated

In separate school district news, the Board of School Directors approved two donations to the district.

The Class of 2013 and several booster clubs donated a scoreboard for Penncrest football field and the Powell Family donated wrestling equipment.

In thanking both donors, School Board President Linda Kinsler-Fox said, "You continue to show your commitment to the Rose Tree Media School District."

Alec November 18, 2012 at 12:28 PM
Not sure why, if parents want to manage success / progress of a student, they are not reviewing the individual grades on a report card. Colleges usually aren't going to use these artificially inflated grades. they want to see that a student has taken challenging courses, but need to compare all applicants using the same 4-point grade scale, and will usually use the unweighted number. Colleges want to make sure that a student's GPA reflects grades in core academic courses, not a bunch of padding. colleges will calculate a GPA that is different from a student's weighted or unweighted GPA. Many colleges will look just at English, Math, Social Studies, Foreign Language and Science grades. Grades in gym, wood working, cooking, music, health, theatre and other areas will not be given nearly as much consideration in the admissions process.
Janet Lis November 20, 2012 at 04:40 AM
Good points - colleges are interested in students taking challenging courses. And I understand that they do recalculate from the unweighted GPA. And there are many less challenging courses in the high school curriculum, although courses like gym (those which are not ranked) do not even figure in the GPA. What is missing from the original posting is the comment made that the high schools themselves use unweighted GPA (with no reference to how challenging the courses are; no reference to rank level) to determine qualification for certain honor societies, including National Honor Society. The most important point was that information pertaining to one's child should be available to that child's parents - and to the child.


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