Mother of Providence Regional Catholic School Celebrates Opening Day

The new regional Catholic school on Providence Road held its opening day ceremony with a ribbon cutting and blessing to start the school year.

Mother of Providence Regional Catholic School opened its doors to the new 209 students, each donning their Opening Day T-shirts, on Wednesday's first day of school.

The new regional Catholic school on Providence Road held its opening day ceremony with a ribbon cutting and blessing.

Mother of Providence is the product of former Nativity BVM and St. John Chrysotom Catholic schools following the to .

During the Opening Day ceremony with about 65 people, a few of the younger students hung on to mom or dad's leg, while slightly older students ran to meet their old friends and introduce themselves to new ones. And the teenagers were of course, as far away from the grown-ups as possible.

said the summer was spent getting to know the school and bringing the two communities together.

"It was a fast summer but we're ready," she said. "A lot of people helped to bring us to this point."

Waters was principal at St. Patricks in Kennett Square for five years before it closed in June.

She said the 25 MPRCS teachers were each affected by the Blue Ribbon Commission decisions in some way and combined the new school now has 286 years of teaching experience.

Marrea Walker-Smith, a former Nativity parent, was excited to see her daughter start the second grade at her new school.

She said the school support helped weigh her decision to send her daughter to MPRCS.

"With all the support they showed us in helping to make it work, I definitely think it was a benefit to decide to come here," Walker-Smith said.

Suzanne Lehman, also a former Nativity parent, said MPRCS held open houses throughout the summer so the children and parents could get acquainted.

"The parents helped to get the school together too which was a good way to meet the other parents," Lehman said.

Angela Campanella, a 6th grader who transferred to MPRCS from Notre Dame Academy, was excited to make new friends this year. Although she was already chattering with a group of girls before school even began.

She said she was most excited to pick her seat and unpack her new school supplies.

Father Edward Hallinan and Father Edward Bell each said a prayer, blessed the new crucifixes that will hang in each classroom and blessed the school after Waters cut the red ribbon at the school entrance.

The students proudly chanted their new school songs, said their goodbyes to parents (some tearful and some cheerful) and it was off to begin the new school year.




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