6 Best Sports Places in Media

Jetpac City Guides rates Media's sports places.

Super Bowl XLVIII is just days away and there's a new app that tells users where the sports places are right here in Media.

The free Jetpac City Guide app offers "snappiness" ratings usingInstagram photos to determine a city's top views, coffee houses, restaurants, bars, entertainment venues and more.

"We’ve analyzed every pixel of the world’s Instagram photos to give you the real picture of fun places. We can spot hipster mustaches, lipstick and the biggest smiles," says Jetpac in its app description.

According to Jetpac, the six sports places in town are:

1. Quotations

2. Media Theatre (this one is somewhat of a confusing choice but why not)

3. Picasso Restaurant

4. John's Grille

5. Deals

6. Pinocchio's Beer Garden
Kathelleen Parsons January 28, 2014 at 09:56 PM
I would not go to Quotations if you paid me. The owner does not contributes to the community at all, especially to the local school district and he is just down right rude. I do not support him because of this.


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